BLI Controller's Series



BLI Controller's Series

Instructor: Business Learning Institute

  • Format

    Course - Online

  • Level

    Business Management & Organisation

  • Duration

    15 hours

Your role as a finance leader is becoming more of a juggling act every year. This set of 15 courses will give you the opportunity to learn accounting and finance best practices alongside business leadership training. It focuses on trends and impacts within and outside the organisation, and teaches you the skills to lead everyone forward.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify differences between IFRS and U.S. GAAP, and recognise conversion issues
  • Recognise risks tied to government deficits, hyperinflation, deflation, and stagflation
  • Identify the features, benefits, and cost impacts of the Affordable Care Act
  • Recognise the importance of liquidity & the defensive interval, and apply the "External Funds Needed" formula
  • Recognise potential sources of distressed assets, and identify key steps in their acquisition
  • Define lean, and recognise what lean is not
  • Recall the criteria for a good customer, and identify best practices for the credit process
  • Understand the various planning horizons and identify key organisational critical success factors
  • Evaluate the main functions of HR, and recognise current trends in employment practices
  • Identify concerns about retirement planning and recommendations for the organisation
  • Recognise advantages and disadvantages of debt and equity financing
  • Eliminate wordiness and obscure language, and produce professional writing
  • Identify, understand, and cope with difficult communication patterns among co-workers
  • Explain the role of conflict in work teams, and identify approaches for dealing with the conflict
  • Identify examples and failures of enterprise risk, customer-related risk, and risks with social media
  • Define effective leadership, and describe techniques to set the "tone at the top"
  • Identify various leadership principles and core values as well as their impact on an organisation

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The tools you need to make the best decisions in 2018 and beyond!

Let's face it. Economic and political uncertainty continues to plague business decision-making, while your roles and responsibilities continue to expand. The BLI controller's series is a dynamic set of 15 one-hour courses created specifically with the financial professional in mind.

The modules in this series explore key economic, business, and leadership issues which will have a substantial impact on financial and accounting decisions for years to come. This series will equip you in the following three areas:

  • Regulatory and Economic Updates - focused on external factors impacting businesses, such as government deficits, regulatory issues, and international economic factors;
  • Key Business Concepts and Best Practices - focused on internal factors impacting businesses, such as HR effectiveness, lean processes, and enterprise risk management; and,
  • Leadership Skills for the Accounting and Financial Professional - focused on "soft skills" required by financial professionals, such as leadership development, effective negotiations and communications.

The BLI Controller's Series includes the following modules:

  • Competing globally
  • Federal state and local deficits
  • Inflation deflation and stagflation
  • Medical care and health insurance
  • National infrastructure
  • Uncertainty and managing growth
  • Acquiring distressed assets
  • Going lean
  • Good customer service and the credit process
  • Governance and the board
  • Human resources effectiveness
  • Retirement and succession planning
  • Debt and equity mix
  • Effective communication and negotiation (Recommended for Twitter 101)
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Leadership and tone at the top

Who should take this course?

  • Accountants, industry accounting and finance staff, and C-level corporate officers

Professional development

This Course - Online offers 15 hours of CPE credit.
Note on CPE Requirements and Credits
All learning resources available in the CGMA Store qualify for CPD for CIMA members.

Field of study: Business Management & Organisation
Prerequisites:Business Management & Organisation
Programme level:Business Management & Organisation
Duration:15 hours
Format:Course - Online
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