Data Analysis Fundamentals Certificate

Data analytics


Data Analysis Fundamentals Certificate

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This certificate course helps accounting and finance professionals understand how to start applying data analytics to business needs.

Learning outcomes

  • Determine how the digital transformation and disruption landscape create a competitive advantage across the enterprise.
  • Identify the organizational ecosystem needed for becoming a data-driven organization.
  • Analyze the life cycle of data and its implications for data-driven decision making.
  • Compare common problems and risks associated with becoming a data-driven business.
  • Differentiate between data analysis tools.
  • Identify requirements for data-driven projects.

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Product information


The Data Analysis Fundamentals Certificate is part of the Data Analytics Certificates Bundle—a comprehensive 5-part program that provides training and practical guidance on the topic of data analytics.

This certificate begins with a foundational look at why organizational data is a transformational asset and why anyone in a job role that involves interacting with that data must be able to navigate and leverage it. It explains why intelligent data management and a corresponding analytics practice is critical for the success of both the organization and the professional.

The Data Analysis Fundamentals Certificate establishes literacy about different job roles involved in the analytics practice and the most commonly encountered technologies in today’s data ecosystem. It covers concepts behind the most common types of data that professionals need to be prepared to analyze. It also explores cultural factors affecting an organization's data practice, as well as cultural obstacles to effectively becoming a data-driven organization.

After covering the basic anatomy of data, the program helps accounting and finance professionals understand how to start applying data analytics to business needs. Participants are presented with a comprehensive model for understanding the life cycle of organizational data and are given a guided tour of the many tools available for integrating and analyzing data throughout its life cycle. Common tool sets are showcased and demonstrated to help participants understand how to apply technology to every phase of data practice, from initial collection and storage through visualization and communication. Finally, a template is provided for developing business requirements and building business outcomes around the possibilities of the organization’s data.

Topics covered

  • The business impacts and disruptive potential of organizational data
  • Basic concepts behind different types of data and how they’re used
  • The job roles and duties associated with data analytics
  • The life cycle of organizational data and how to manage it
  • A vocabulary for evaluating and communicating in data practice
  • Exposure to and demonstrations of tools used for managing and analyzing data
  • Common obstacles and hurdles to effectively leveraging data in an organization
  • How to tie data to business requirements and build business cases

Digital badge

Upon completion of the Data Analysis Fundamentals Certificate, you will be awarded a digital badge to proudly display anywhere on the internet—a personal blog; a social network like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter; Mozilla Open Badges; a biographical page on a company website, or an online resume.

Who should take this course?

  • Accounting and finance professionals, especially those interested in learning and applying data analysis techniques to help their organizations make informed, data-driven business decisions.

Professional development

This Course - Online offers 10 hours of CPE credit.
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